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Panda Security: Products & Services

Founded in 1990 in Bilbao, Spain by Mikel Urizarbarrena, Panda Security, as its name suggest, specialises in computer security solutions, including anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall solutions. It prides itself on launching the first cloud-based anti-virus solution on the market based on their proprietory "Collective Intelligence" technology.

Panda Security currently offers three main products, Panda Antivirus Pro, Panda Internet Security as well as Panda Global Protection.

Panda Security: Company Background

Panda Security was founded by Mikel Urizarbarrena in 1990 in Bilbao, Spain. Originally known as Panda Software, it was renamed to Panda Security in 2007 to 'better reflect its commitment to providing global security'.

In 1995, Panda Software (as it was known then) became the market leader in Spain in 1995. It currently has a direct sales presence in 56 countries through an extensive network of subsidiaries and franchises.

In 2007, Panda Security launched its "Collective Intelligence" technology, which basically utilises the cloud computing concept to provide antivirus solutions.

Panda Security: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Based on a review by PC Mag, its conclusion was that the latest Panda Antivirus Pro 2013 software wasn't that impressive, and was mostly in the 'middle of the pack'. In PC World's review of the 2012 version, it was ranked close to the bottom due to its unimpressive malware detection and blocking as well as its very sluggish performance. It was also criticised for having a 'mediocre interface'.

On CNet, average user reviews for Panda Internet Security was also fairly average, with a 2.5 star rating. The general consensus is that the software has quite some bloat and has very sluggish performance, while being very hard to uninstall.

Panda Security: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Panda Security apparently has four listings on BBB, all with addresses in the different part of the United States. In this case, I will only consider the first one since it has the most number of customer feedback.

Panda Security is not BBB accredited, but has a B+ listing on the BBB website. According to BBB, factors that raised Panda Security's rating was mainly due to its long operating history and that BBB has sufficient background information on this business. However, Panda Security failed to respond to one complaint filed against business.

Panda Security: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to Alexa, Panda Security had a global rank of 15,383 (as of September 2012), with a much lower rank in the United States of 20,338. It seems to be more popular in Spanish-speaking countries, with a rank of 1,314 in El Salvador and 2,129 in Peru.

Panda Security has an above-average Google PageRank of 7 out of 10.

As for Compete, Panda Security has a ranking of 13,213 (as of September 2012) with 154,417 unique visitors. This is far behind McAfee, the market leader for this segment, with 9.07 million unique visitors.

Hence, their website popularity is only average.

Panda Security: Social Media Presence

Panda Security has quite a significant social media presence. It has its own Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube accounts, among others. It's Facebook and Twitter accounts are regularly maintained, although they do reply to queries in Spanish on Twitter, which may turn off its English-speaking audience. It has garnered 56,509 likes on Facebook and has over 14,500 followers as of September 2012. However, this pales in comparison to its competitor McAfee, which has over 600,000 likes on Facebook.

However, due to its effort in maintaining its presence in so many social media platforms and updating them regularly, it deserves a Good rating.

Panda Security: Website Security & Safety

According to Google SafeBrowsing, Panda Security is not currently listed as being suspicious. It's online shop utilises a secure connection, which uses high-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Its HTTPS certificate was verified by Akamai Technologies Inc.

From the moment you enter the online itself to your checkout page, you are in its HTTPS secure environment.

Hence, the company's website and web store is very secure and deserves a Best rating.

Panda Security: Pricing & Packages

Panda Security's flagship product is their Global Protection 2013 suite. It costs from US$71.99 (or a one PC license to US$229.99 for a ten PC license. For a single PC license, GP 2013 is more expensive than Norton's flagship 360 suite, however, if you purchase multiple licenses, GP 2013 will become slightly cheaper than Norton 360.

Compared to McAfee's Total Protection 2013 suite, however, Panda Security is still slightly more expensive. McAfee's TP 2013 suite costs US$89.99 for a three PC license, while the same for GP 2013 costs US$91.99. However, do keep in mind that McAfee's suite does not offer a single PC license, so if you were using it for only one computer, it may be more worth it to get the GP 2013 suite.

However, as mentioned earlier, compared to McAfee and Norton's solutions, Panda Security's solution offer only about average performance. Hence, from a cost and value perspective, Panda Security's products are rather expensive and hence it is awarded a Below Average rating here.

Panda Security: Shipping Rates & Policies

Panda Security's products are delivered mainly on a download basis. However, they also offer a Backup CD, which unfortunately costs quite a lot, at US$11.76 excluding shipping costs. The CD will be sent to the customer's shipping address within fourteen days.

Not much information is known about whether they ship on time et cetera, as most people will choose to opt out of the CD and just obtain the software digitally. However, they do ship internationally as they have online stores in most regions.

Panda Security: Payment Methods Accepted

Panda Security offers a wide variety of payment methods. Other than the usual VISA, MasterCard as well as American Express, Panda Security also accepts alternative forms of payment via PayPal, ClickAndBuy, cheque and even bank transfer.

Due to its wide range of payment methods, Panda Security deserves a "Best" rating in this aspect.

Panda Security: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Not much is known about Panda Security's return policy, except a small excerpt pertaining to the Rights of Revocation/Withdrawal. It appears that the refund policy would then depend on local laws.

In the United States, Panda Security offers an extended money-back guarantee, for the price of $9.99. This means that Panda Security guarantees they will refund your purchase price within 45 days of the purchase date, with a 100% refund. However, this excludes the extended money-guarantee service itself, which means that you will have to pay at least $9.99.

According to this thread, some users have managed to get refunds on Panda Security's products before even without the extended money-back guarantee, however, the there doesn't seem to be a set procedure in place.

Due to lack of information on their website, in this section Panda Security deserves a Poor rating.

Panda Security: Product images & screenshots
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